We are a boutique Public Relations firm providing a full spectrum of strategic PR services

designed to optimize brand exposure on a global scale. 


Communications Consulting, Image Analysis, Branding, Charity Affiliation


Building a companies reputation is something that is crucial for the success of that business. Our professional PR team will help to build, use and manage your reputation.


Through our media roledex we will work to get positive exposure for your company. We will start with a solid PR plan, which we will then implement. From there, we help you position your organization, and build the relationships that will help you to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS. Your news will get placement in News Media throughout the world!


Press Releases, Tip and Fact sheets, Media Alerts, Press Follow-Up, Press Conferences


We will work day and night to pitch your stories to the media so that you can get as much positive exposure as possible. By creating relationships with the media we will save you money in advertising costs and help create the credibility that you will need to have a successful company. Through careful analysis, we will devise and implement a Marketing and PR plan that in turn gives our client a bigger presence in their industry. By incorporating personal branding, we provide our clients with a vehicle that will help them to influence their markets and consumers. 


We have a proven track record in creating opportunities, leveraging relationships, building and executing innovative campaigns and promotions and supporting our clients in building new product to excite consumers. In addition we also maximize opportunities through all forms of media. 

  • Leveraging like-minded brands

  • Strategic campaigns and promotions

  • Sales missions

  • Media missions

  • Special events for trade and consumers

  • Events and exhibitions

  • Market research and reporting

  • Communication across all platforms including social and digital media, newsletters


We align partners to develop campaigns using innovative tools, fresh ideas and solid executions to ensure your brand connects with consumers. We seamlessly integrate brand, product, and experience to deliver measureable results that have a direct impact on business and brand building.

  • Brand building promotions

  • Promotional Marketing

  • Research and Development

  • Strategic Planning, Consultation and Ideation

  • Design and Creative

  • Event Management and Execution

  • Promotional Product Distribution

  • Contest Management

  • Direct & Loyalty Marketing

  • Sponsorship Activation

  • Event Production

  • Talent Sourcing and Management

  • Operations and Logistics

  • Budget Optimization


We deliver strategic direction for organizations by identifying concepts and providing access to the ultimate VIP experience at the world’s most exciting events.


  • Strategic Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Exclusive Premium Ticket Access

  • Travel Management

  • Accommodation - Sourcing & Booking

  • Add-On Events

  • Premium Catering

  • Celebrity Access

  • Guest Management

  • Private Client Concierge Services


Fashion Shows, Charity Events, Fundraisers, Trade Shows, Media Tours, Product Launches, Corporate lunches and meetings, Press Conferences, Special Events, Celebrity Events, and Red Carpet Events.

No matter what the size or cost of the event our knowledgeable and professional staff will be able to execute your vision or plan to a T right down to the last napkin and coffee cup. We promise to make your event an outstanding and unforgettable occasion. We are a company that can handle it all or fill in where it is needed. From fresh new creative ideas to low cost execution we can be your answer to an effective and memorable event.


3 D Messaging, Product Placement in TV/Movies/Print Ads/Events


From concept to execution, we provide innovative solutions that build brand awareness and create urgency, ultimately paving the path to higher levels of SALES! We will also promote your products through product placement with in many mediums. 


Acquire Vendors for Events, Attach Corporate Brands, and Cross Marketing.


We are linked to companies that are looking for events to launch their next product, some of these companies include: Monster, Pimp Juice, Sobe, Kettle One, WE Clothing, Coca-Cola just to name a few. By teaming up with these corporations, we are able to introduce you into new markets by cross marketing


Press Kits, PR Plans, Promotional Materials, Press Releases, Media Alert, Newsletters, Speeches, and White Papers.

Our team of professional and creative writers will work to create a top of the line copy. We work to deliver a powerful and original message that will set your company aside from the rest. 


Logos, Corporate Identity Development, Brand Analysis, and Brand Management.


Your brand should stand for making a difference to your consumer. Business cards, promotional materials, your companies name, logo and website are all tools that we can help you develop so that you can define who and what you are. At OPR we strive to illustrate to your audience the strengths and uniqueness of your company through the use of our services. We then take what we have created and start the branding process through public relations, marketing and advertising and through the use of the media.


Print Production, Logos, Website Design and Development, Photography, Art Direction


It is necessary when it comes to getting the result that you want from Branding to invest time and money into the professional design of your logo, company materials, and website. Our goal is to make sure that you stand out amongst your competitors’ while at the same time creating a style that is original and professional so that you will get the attention you merit. Our team of Multimedia professionals can integrate your TV and Radio campaigns, promotional videos and any other banner adds or spots into your site so as to give your visitors an experience worth talking about.


Strategize, Create a plan and execute!  Viral Marketing 


You have probably heard the saying, “Timing is everything”, and well in this case they are right. Once something has blown up in the scene and you are not the one that created it, you have missed the boat. We work with you to make sure that we create current trends, find the right events and identify targeted hangouts. Our creative team will turn to our celebrity scouts, club owners and promoters and list of vendors to help create an effective marketing plan. The working of the viral marketing could be considered as the mainstream marketing technique in which the mouth to mouth praise of the business products help in generating traffic for your business website. The customers who are the regular visitors and paying clients of your business products are the foremost carriers of the viral marketing strategy. You may associate the incentives and freebies with each of these customers. This will provide something extra to the customer along with the product he is purchasing and will encourage him to spread this feature to the people around him. This will not only help in retaining the customer, but also generating leads for your business.


Flyer/Postcard Distribution, Wild Postings, Guerrilla Projections, College Campus Activation, Online Viral Marketing, Buzz Generation, Influencer Infiltration, Underground Media, Graffiti Art, Street Teams, Cross Promotional Marketing, Celebrity Wrangling, Publicity Stunts 


The definition of guerrilla marketing is “an approach to advertising that relies on innovative methods of getting a message across to the market. Often highly targeted, guerilla-marketing works its way through large networks of people via word of mouth and electronic communications. It relies heavily on sparking the imagination of the market through intelligent and stimulating messages. It is also a much less expensive approach compared to traditional television advertising campaigns”.


We use social networking to find influencers who can give brands a voice due to their massive digital followings that brands can tap into, as well social media gives public relations professionals immediate access to a large, attentive audience. We also use it to identify brand threats social listening gives professionals the power to understand the public’s opinions before it turns into a trending topic. We can find online threats and stop a major brand reputation crisis. It is also important to see the influence of  journalist’s stories and to swiftly react to negative press and to make announcements.